Families need help in times of economic distress, whether that suffering is due to job loss, huge medical bills, or divorce. There is someone you can turn to during financial difficulties – Marie Guerrier Allen, J.D., the bankruptcy attorney in St Louis, Missouri. Ms. Allen is a Christian bankruptcy attorney, who is dedicated to relieving financial stresses on families. During her career thus far, she has served more than 5,000 families.

This bankruptcy attorney in St Louis provides capable counsel for bankruptcy, as well as other monetary matters. She has more than 20 years of experience. With a Juris Doctorate, Ms. Allen is more than qualified to address consumer bankruptcy issues, as well as financial concerns you may be facing. Schedule a complimentary consultation about your particular money problem today.

Essential Financial Services

Everyone experiences financial concerns of one type or another over their life span. It is not a matter for shame or blame, but a motivator for positive action. This is where Ms. Allen comes in. She is a seasoned St Louis bankruptcy lawyer, who is well-versed in legal matters that pertain to money and finances. Ask her to help you with the following issues:

Bankruptcy Offers Debt Relief

Debt is something that most people have; some more than others. When debt becomes crippling, you can rely on Ms. Allen for solutions. She talks with you about your options. Perhaps, financial counseling can help. It may be possible to find money in the budget to take care of those bills. If not, then bankruptcy may be an option, either Chapter 7, which allows you to liquidate debt, or Chapter 13, which restructures debt payments. Come into the office to speak to Ms. Allen about your situation and she comes up with a way to remedy your financial problem.

Improving Family Life with Healthy Finances

Healthy finances and happy families go hand in hand. That is why this financial and tax attorney in St Louis offers an array of essential services. Financial consulting helps you avoid serious financial problems, as well as plan for a stable and secure life now and in the future.

One of the problems clients run into is tax issues. When clients owe taxes, the threat of garnishment and property seizure is real and present. Ask this tax attorney in St Louis to negotiate an agreement that allows you to pay this debt in a way you can afford. Other issues concern wills and estates. Let Ms. Allen help you with planning so your wishes are carried out in the event of disability or death.

Contact Marie Guerrier Allen, J.D., for guidance and direction when bankruptcy threatens. Based in St. Louis, she serves clients in Missouri and Illinois.