Avoid mortgage foreclosure and wage garnishment by filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Do so with the skilled and knowledgeable assistance of a reliable Chapter 7 attorney in St Louis, Marie Guerrier Allen, J.D. Ask Ms. Allen if you qualify for the discharge of debt through this form of bankruptcy.

For more than 20 years, countless clients have trusted in this bankruptcy attorney in St Louis to get them out of debt. She is a Christian bankruptcy attorney, who practices law with the highest ethical principles. Request a free consultation for debt relief.

Free Consultation for Debt Relief

You do not know how you can pay off the huge debt that is weighing you down. Wouldn’t you like a chance to start over financially? You can do so with guidance from Ms. Allen. With her help, creditors stop calling you, debts are discharged, and your house remains your home.

Starting with a free consultation, you meet with Ms. Allen about the amount of your income and the size of your debt. Certain types of debt may not be eligible for discharge. These include recent taxes, student loans, and child support. However, a large number of debts can be liquidated under Chapter 7 bankruptcy, such as credit card bills, medical bills, and personal loans. In general, clients who choose this type of bankruptcy have assets that are worth much less than the debt they owe. Talk with Ms. Allen about using this avenue for debt relief.

Move toward Financial Freedom with Chapter 7

You have gone over the numbers again and again and cannot figure out how to pay off your debt. You worry you may lose your car or your house because of the financial troubles before you. It is time to seek the services of a bankruptcy attorney in St Louis, Missouri. Ms. Allen applies her legal experience and knowledge to seeking the best outcome for you. Meet with her today to take that essential first step to financial freedom.

Improve Your Credit through Bankruptcy Filing

Liquidate debt with Chapter 7 bankruptcy. In about six months or so, you can begin your life free from debt. Even though the fact that you filed for bankruptcy shows up on your credit report, the information that you have a Chapter 7 discharge order makes a good impression on creditors, for they can see that you have taken positive steps for your financial future. In fact, you may find that your credit score is higher after bankruptcy than before.

Contact Christian bankruptcy attorney Marie Guerrier Allen, J.D., to find out if Chapter 7 bankruptcy provides your best solution to overwhelming debt. Based in St. Louis, she serves clients in Missouri and Illinois.