Who Can File for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Are you struggling with finances month after month? Do you have problems with paying bills on time or even at all some months? You definitely need to start worrying about your financial situation, but don’t panic. A St Louis bankruptcy attorney like Marie Guerrier Allen can help you with financial planning and possibly filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy if you qualify. Many people do not enjoy the sound of filing for bankruptcy; however, if your debt has gotten too far out of hand, filing for bankruptcy can be the right move to get yourself back within good standing. Read on to find out if you are eligible for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and could use the assistance of a St Louis bankruptcy attorney.

Overwhelming Debt – Two of the easiest ways people rack up debt are through medical bills and credit card bills. Using your credit card for everything under the sun is never a good idea, but sometimes you don’t realize how much you have racked up until it is completely out of control. Using credit cards to pay for both living necessities and leisure is a quick way to wind up in a whole lot of debt. Proper financial planning with a St Louis bankruptcy attorney and financial advisor like Marie Guerrier Allen will help you use your credit card responsibly, and she may even be able to help you get back on your feet without filing for bankruptcy. On the other side of the spectrum, sometimes we are hit with unforeseen medical bills. Medical bills can happen to anyone at any moment in time, and unfortunately healthcare is not cheap, especially if you do not have proper coverage. If your debt from credit card or medical bills is too much to handle, you need to speak to a St Louis bankruptcy attorney today. Chapter 7 bankruptcy may be the perfect option under this circumstance.

Bill Collectors Constantly Contacting You – Those annoying collection calls and notices in the mail are not going to go away if you are not efficiently paying down your debt. Unfortunately, collection notices often get worse when debt is older or constantly going unpaid or paid late month after month. If you physically cannot give money to get these bill collectors to leave you alone, you may be eligible to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. You will need to get together with a St Louis bankruptcy attorney to find out if Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the right move for you, but once you file, the collectors will legally have to leave you alone. Collectors will move from contacting you all the time to dealing with the bankruptcy court for all additional information.

If your debt is too overwhelming and you’re struggling to pay bills or even live month to month, it is time to contact a Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney in St Louis. Marie Guerrier Allen will figure out the best steps for you to take to get your financial situation under control. Contact her today for a consultation on financial advisory and bankruptcy claims.