Legal Help for Unpaid Taxes

Paying taxes is not something you can avoid – not on a personal or business level. When you encounter tax trouble with the federal or state government, seek assistance from the reputable tax attorneys in St Louis, MO. Marie Guerrier Allen, J.D. is a tax attorney in St Louis with more than 20 years of experience in her field.

The consequences of non-payment of taxes are dire, whether you are dealing with the Internal Revenue Service, the Missouri Department of Revenue, or the Illinois Department of Revenue for tax filings. Do not hesitate. Come to Ms. Allen, the tax attorney in St Louis who is more than capable of providing the tax help you require.

Avoid the Consequences of Not Paying Taxes

You may be experiencing a number of financial problems in your life that has made it impossible to pay your federal, state, or local taxes. This is a matter that must be addressed immediately if you do not wish to face garnishment on your wages, the seizure of your property, or a demand for heavy penalties. Ask skilled and knowledgeable tax attorneys in St Louis, MO to negotiate on your behalf. Ms. Allen can offer you options that can reduce the total amount or allow manageable payments to be made.

Tax Attorney Negotiates with the IRS on Your Behalf

You may not know how to approach the IRS about back taxes, but this capable St Louis tax attorney does. One possible solution is to file bankruptcy. This would add your unpaid taxes to the secured and unsecured debts you have. As a Christian bankruptcy attorney, Ms. Allen will have your best interests in mind when creating a plan to help your tax situation. Another option would be to make payment arrangements. Instead of paying the total amount at once, you would be able to pay a portion each month, making it much easier and more affordable for you. Ms. Allen could also negotiate a lump sum payment for you at a lesser amount than you owe.

Considering Options for Payment of Business Taxes

It is not uncommon for a business operation to have trouble making payroll taxes. It may be a matter of cash flow, bookkeeping problems, or lack of understanding of state or federal law. When taxes are due, they must be paid in full or you owe the IRS, state, or local authorities can immediate explanation.

Turn to a knowledgeable tax attorney to help you meet your obligations. Ms. Allen intercedes on your behalf with advice and solutions. Perhaps, you can get an extension. Maybe, you can enter into an installment agreement. Filing bankruptcy is also an option. As a Christian bankruptcy attorney, Ms. Allen can seriously help get your financial situation back on track. Request a free consultation for advice on achieving the best possible outcome for you.

Contact Marie Guerrier Allen, J.D., when you or your business has trouble with tax filings. Based in St. Louis, she serves clients in Missouri and Illinois.