Make Decisions about the Future with Wealth & Estate Planning in St Louis

You want to make the decisions about the distribution of your assets after death. For well-thought-out estate planning in St Louis that ensures your instructions are followed, trust in the attorney at Marie Guerrier Allen, J.D. Such adherence to your wishes is essential in estate planning. Count on this lawyer for control of your person and property in the event of disability or death.

This bankruptcy attorney in St Louis specializes in matters involving money and property. She provides bankruptcy, tax, and financial consulting services in addition to assistance with wealth and estates. Make an appointment for a complimentary consultation for any and all of these services.

Wealth Planning to Ensure Your Instructions Are Followed

Do not leave it up to the court to decide how your money and property are divided up after your death. If you do not leave a will, then the division of your estate is a decision the court will make. Not only is it a good idea to make a will, but it is an even better idea to use an attorney to draw up that will.

Count on Ms. Allen to serve as your estate planning attorney. She sees to it that your instructions are properly documented in legal fashion and in a manner that will hold up in court. With a will, the matter of the distribution of your estate still goes to probate court, but this is to follow your instructions in the proper venue, rather than to change them. Schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss the instructions for division of property and money after your death.

Estate Planning for Family Care & Property Distribution

As is the case with wealth planning, proper estate planning is done long before there is a need. You do not want to worry about the future of your family after you are gone or if you should become disabled. Talk to this estate planning attorney to ensure your wishes are followed in this very important matter.

Your estate is for you to manage – before and after your death. You probably have an idea of how you would like your family to be cared for in the case that you become disabled. If not, this is a good subject to address with Ms. Allen. After you pass on, you want to know that your family is safe and secure financially, and that your property is divided according to your instructions. The arrangements you make now dramatically impact the well-being of your family in the future.

Contact Marie Guerrier Allen, J.D., for wise counsel on wealth and estate planning. She also serves as a bankruptcy attorney in St Louis, Missouri and surrounding areas.